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Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Minoura B60R Tiredrive Trainer
Redline 2024 Rim Drive Trainer

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If you are a mountain biker who is looking for a reliable bicycle indoor training stand then the rim trainer might be just for you. In the rim bicycle trainer, there is no contact between the rear wheel and the resistance device. The resistance device (typically a magnetic device) is attached to the bike via the rear rim. This unique device dramatically reduces the noise level, as well as the vibrations caused by the contact between your regular knobby rear tire and the resistance device. Another major advantage of the rim-drive bicycle indoor trainer is the fact that it avoids wearing the rear tire

Tip: Always consider your bike’s measurement while buying rim trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Rim Trainers are specifically designed for mountain bikes and they come in different shapes and sizes. The largest size in rim trainers is huge since it is designed for extremely rocky terrains and hilly areas.

Therefore, before buying you must record the actual measurements of your bike and make the comparison with the trainer’s dimensions to get the perfect fit.

The Structure of the Rim Trainer

Unlike most other bicycle indoor training stands, the rim bicycle training stands are connected via two small wheels directly to the bicycle rim, and not to the rear wheel. These two small wheels are driving a resistance device, typically a magnetic resistance unit.

Bicycle Rim Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for mountain bikers - You don't need to replace your regular rear wheel tire with a slicker one (road bikes have slick tires anyhow).
  • Eliminates tire wear - No direct contact with the tire rubber - no tire wear.
  • Stability - Due to its structure the rim bicycle indoor training stand is more stable.
  • Low noise level - There is no direct contact with the bicycle tire, resulting in quiet action.
  • Reliable - No contact with the tire resulting more reliable trainer device.


  • Complex setup - You have to be quite accurate in the setup process.
  • Not fit for all bicycles - The rim trainer will not fit all bikes (such as small disk rims).

What to Look For in Rim Bicycle Trainer

When you are buying a rim bicycle trainer I would recommend looking for the following features

  • Low sound level - Look for quite trainers. Try them out while you are in the shop.
  • Several Resistance levels - Quality rim trainers comes with several resistance levels.
  • Compatibility with all bike sizes - Make sure the rim trainer can hold your bicycle, as some trainers are limited in this respect.
  • Stability - You should look for a stable frame, It is most important to feel safe and stable while on the trainer.
  • Easy setup - Some rim trainers are more easy to setup. Look for those.

Recommended Rim Trainers

Minoura RDA2429D Rim Drive Trainer Carbon

Rim Trainer
Minoura is leading the market right now with its innovative rim-drive trainers. It is a very quiet alternative to wind trainers and is more durable than other magnetic trainers on the market. It also offers more controlled resistance and an increased natural feel.

It is very compact and portable making it great for race days since there is no need to remove the bicycle's tire to warm up. It is fully adjustable and can be used with mountain bikes too.

Redline/Minoura 2024D Rim Mag Trainer

Rim Trainer
When two great companies combine you can expect great things. This is what is offered with the combination of Redline construction and Minoura rim-drive engineering. It has great stability and it is a space-saving design. The rim drive will never wear out and the magnetic resistance is smooth and realistic.

I would highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a way to train effectively during the off-season or to just have around on those days when Mother Nature won't cooperate.

Buying a Rim Trainer Online

If you are interested in buying rim trainer online you can buy it in one of many trusted online stores, such as:

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Buying Rim Bicycle Indoor Training Stands on eBay

BikeE Minoura 20BikeE Minoura 20" Wheel Mag RDA Rim Drive Action Bicycle Bike Recumbent Trainer
(New other (see details) - 299 USD)
Minoura PowerMatic Rim Drive Stationary Bike Trainer Resistance Cycle Ops Base (Used - 197.95 USD)Minoura PowerMatic Rim Drive Stationary Bike Trainer Resistance Cycle Ops Base
(Used - 197.95 USD)
Minoura (RDA) Inter Rim Drive Mountain Bike Trainer Stationary Indoor Adjustable (Used - 90 USD)Minoura (RDA) Inter Rim Drive Mountain Bike Trainer Stationary Indoor Adjustable
(Used - 90 USD)
Minoura RDA 850 rim drive system indoor stationary bike trainer magnetic (Used - 89.99 USD)Minoura RDA 850 rim drive system indoor stationary bike trainer magnetic
(Used - 89.99 USD)

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