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Rock and Roll Trainer
Rock and Roll Trainer
Kinetic Rock’N Roll Smart Trainer
Kinetic Rock ‘N Roll Smart with InRide Sensor

Rock N Roll bicycle indoor training stands Online

A rock and roll trainer can not mimic wind, noise, or scenery that you could have while cycling outdoors, but it can simulate a more realistic bicycle motion while cycling.

All indoor stationary bicycle trainers are designed with one challenge in mind: to provide the most realistic training experience possible. Some characteristics of the outdoor cycling experience can never be fully recreated in an indoor environment.

Wind, noise, scenery, and other natural elements are either extremely difficult or very expensive to replicate in a standard indoor environment. However, training systems like the rock and roll trainer, also known as the pivot trainer, do a good at simulating a more realistic motion when cyclists pedal while standing up. The natural swaying motion is important for cyclists who compete on varied terrain over long distances.

Just like any other bicycle indoor training stands, Pivot trainers have several advantages that are common to all stationary trainers. For instance, cyclists can train and exercise in a safe enclosure during winter months or while recovering from an injury. Moreover, it is a great way to try out new cycling techniques and monitor technical and mechanical changes, which is more difficult to do while cycling outdoors.

Pros and Cons of Rock and Roll Trainers


Good to Know...?

Rock and Roll Trainer

Fasten your safety gears while trying rock and roll trainer.

Expert riders of rock and roll trainers enjoy the experience while for first-timers, it can be difficult to stay calm. To avoid injuries, wear knee and elbow guards with a helmet to protect the head.

  • It mimics the natural swaying motion exceptionally well.
  • These exert minimum stress on the bicycle frame since the pressure and energy get absorbed efficiently by the machine.
  • These are versatile trainers and can easily accommodate various sizes of bicycles.
  • Balancing is no issue for cyclists because Pivot trainers offer all-around support.
  • Rock and Roll trainers are the quietest training systems available in the market today. Therefore, the nose will not be an issue for cyclists at all.


  • These are expensive machines are that’s why the high price becomes the primary drawback of rock and roll trainers.
  • Tire wear can be a problem in rock and roll trainers just like all other systems.
  • Some bike models may not be compatible with these trainers and cyclists need to use either a combo of bikes or apply specific changes to retrieve the desired training outcomes.

Tips About the Rock and Roll Trainer

Training on rock and roll trainers is a novel experience because the exhilarating sensation of swaying in the bicycle saddle is mimicked perfectly. However, if you are a beginner then the chances of tumbling are very high. Therefore, wear safety gear like elbow and knee guards, and helmets when using this trainer for the very first time.

Consider your budget limitations and training requirements before you buy a rock and roll trainer. Some trainers are suitable for bikers looking to compete on short distances on flat terrains.

Use a special set of training tires when training because of the issue of tire wear. Therefore, you should save the expensive racing tires and don’t waste them on a stationary trainer.

Since pivot trainers are indoor training systems, therefore, the wind will not ab available to keep the rider and machine cool while training. It is better to get a sweat guard or any other such equipment to protect the frame of your bike. Always purchase a rock and roll trainer after trying it out at the shop to ensure the kind of experience it offers. Don’t just believe the brochure or what the guide says about the system. Experience yourself. Ensure the kind of bike you will be using such as a mountain bike or road bike and then check out the training system’s compatibility with the bike before buying.

Suggested Rock and Roll Trainers

Kinetic Rock & Roll Smart Trainer

Rock and Roll Trainer

It has a revolutionary design and offers a more realistic experience than any other trainer in the market. Riders can easily stand on their bike and sway sideways just as they would do on a real hill. Due to its exceptional motion simulation, the improvement in riders’ bike riding proficiency, rhythm, and technique is phenomenal. However, it is on the expensive side so get it if you can afford it.

Kinetic by Kurt Rock and Roll Bicycle Trainer

Rock and Roll Trainer

Its highlight would be the ultimate swaying motion and noise-less riding experience. You can enjoy a thoroughly rewarding workout since the system forces a rider to “balance.” Due to this action, full body workout is encouraged and on the actual racing day, riders feel more prepared. The training machine is made from durable steel and high-grade plastic and offers a very realistic feel but it will take some time for riders to get used to it. This is a very stable and safe fluid training system.

Kinetic Fluid Trainer Rock 'N Roll Smart with InRide Sensor

Rock and Roll Trainer

This innovative fluid drive gives a noise-less rise and offers unlimited resistance levels along with the most realistic rocking/swaying feature in the market. For riders looking to train for hill climbing or rocky terrains, this is the perfect system to practice on.

Buying a Rock and Roll Trainer on eBay

Kinetic Rock and Roll Control Smart Trainer, T-6500 (New other (see details) - 625 USD)Kinetic Rock and Roll Control Smart Trainer, T-6500
(New other (see details) - 625 USD)
Brand New T-7100  Kinetic R1 Rock And Roll Direct Drive Smart Bike Trainer (New - 550 USD)Brand New T-7100 Kinetic R1 Rock And Roll Direct Drive Smart Bike Trainer
(New - 550 USD)
Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll Smart Bike Trainer w/ Accessories (Used - 395 USD)Kurt Kinetic Rock And Roll Smart Bike Trainer w/ Accessories
(Used - 395 USD)
Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Bicycle Trainer and Power Meter/Bike Computer (Used - 360 USD)Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Bicycle Trainer and Power Meter/Bike Computer
(Used - 360 USD)

User Comments

"Rock and Roll trainers offer the best training experience available. I've been cycling for about twenty years and given the fact that I live up here in the great north, winter cycling is completely out of the question and this is the only way I can get a great workout. I love the sensation of the bike naturally moving from side to side and since most systems are compatible with different resistance units, there are plenty of choices available. I would highly recommend this over other trainers. Cheers."

Jasper Volgner

"I must admit, that I was a bit nervous when I tried this machine. Somehow, the swaying feeling, which is so natural when you cycle outdoors seemed strange when you tried it indoors on a stationary trainer. But then I realized that I'd got used to such unnatural indoor trainers that I felt weird around one that gave a natural cycling experience. Anyway, I love this and it is easy to get hooked on it pretty quickly."

Lucy Wu

"The sound of a car door opening in front of you is similar to the sound of a gun being cocked.".
Amy Webster

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