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27.5 Mountain Bike
27.5 Mountain Bike

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Lately, the trend in mountain biking seems to be moving toward the more robust and larger wheeled bikes. From 29er bikes to 27.5 bicycles, mountain bike enthusiasts are learning what it means to experience better handling, and tighter turning radius’s when it comes to their cycling adventures. While certainly, 26ers are still a solid choice and a mainstay among the mountain biking community, the 27.5 bicycle, in particular, is most definitely gaining in popularity. As far as value and performance, it is certainly worth checking out.

What Exactly is The 27.5 Mountain Bike?

27.5-inch mountain bikes are equipped with 27.5″ wheels, (also known as 650b wheels). Slightly bigger than the 26” standard, the larger diameter wheel allows for several advantages that you might not be able to get with a 26er. For instance, the larger wheel size comes more rubber on the ground, resulting in better traction than you would experience with a 26er. Larger wheel diameter also gives you faster top speeds.

First introduced in 2013, the 27.5 bicycles represented that middle ground between the faster accelerating and yet less forgiving 26er and the far more forgiving, yet heavier 29er. Since its emergence onto the mountain biking market, the 27.5 bicycles have become a welcomed addition for many ardent bikers.

27.5 Bikes vs. 29er Bikes vs. 26er bikes

With several terrific choices currently on the mountain biking scene, those previously unconvinced 26er fans are now coming around to see the benefits and advantages of larger wheeled bikes. With the 27.5 bicycles, especially, they are getting that midpoint between two very dynamic products. So what exactly can you expect as far as performance, functionality, and riding capabilities when it comes to a 650b mountain bike.

Overall Traction: As previously mentioned, because of the larger wheel diameter traction is better than on a 26er, though as would be expected falls just a bit short of that which you’ll find on a 29-inch bike.

Forgiveness: Again, due to its wheel size, the 27.5 mountain bike tends to be more forgiving than its smaller wheeled counterpart as far as traversing bumps, rocks, roots, you name it.

Top speeds: Larger wheels equal faster top speeds given the same power output by the rider. So, of course, as far as top speeds go, the 29er is going to prevail. But the 27.5-inch bicycle certainly does a good job as well.

Weight: Lighter weight bikes tend to handle a little better, especially for those shorter or smaller cyclers. Of course, the smaller the wheel, the lighter the bike. So while the 26er has an edge here, the 27.5 bike still wins in this department over the 29er.

Summery Table

Factor 26 27.5 29
Weight Lighter weight Lighter weight Heavier weight
Manuverability Maneuvers easier Combines benefits of both Greater rolling speed
Stability Less stability but more “fun” to ride Good Stability Greater Stability
Terain Handling Less forgiveness on bumpy terrain More forgiving than 26” Larger wheels come with better forgiveness
Handling More nimble Not quite as nimble as the 26” More sluggish in terms of corners and turns

These are just a few of the comparisons between the hot new 27.5 bicycles and its competing 26er and 29er counterparts. It comes down to what suits you as the rider best. What types of features are you looking for in a mountain bike, and what will you mainly be doing with your new ride? The 27.5 bike, though, is certainly one to consider.

Buying 27.5 Inch Mountain Bikes Online

mountain bike 27.5 small (Used - 5800 USD)mountain bike 27.5 small
(Used - 5800 USD)
2023 Specialized Enduro Carbon Custom Mountain Bike - Medium (S3) - 27.5+ Carbon (Used - 5400 USD)2023 Specialized Enduro Carbon Custom Mountain Bike - Medium (S3) - 27.5+ Carbon
(Used - 5400 USD)
2019 Canyon Neuron CF 9.0 Unlimited - XS 27.5” Carbon XC Bike. (Used - 5000 USD)2019 Canyon Neuron CF 9.0 Unlimited - XS 27.5” Carbon XC Bike.
(Used - 5000 USD)
2019 Specialized S-WORKS Stumpjumper FSR ST Large 27.52019 Specialized S-WORKS Stumpjumper FSR ST Large 27.5" Carbon Bike Fox Demo
(Used - 4751.99 USD)

Last Word on the 27.5” Mountain Bikes

When the 29ers first introduced their higher top-end speed was greatly appreciated and yet the loss of overall quickness and maneuverability made it rather difficult for some to accept. With the 27.5” bikes, cyclists get that happy medium between traditional 26ers and the faster 29ers. Making huge strides in the mountain bike market, the 27.5” is here to stay.

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