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Bicycle with Training Wheels
Bicycle with Training Wheels
Bicycle with Training Wheels

Selected Bicycle with Training Wheels Online

Tip: Get your child off training wheels by removing one at a time

Bicycle with Training Wheels

You can remove one training wheel and leave the other to get your child to practice balancing on their own. They will be safe in the knowledge that the remaining training wheel will provide the necessary support.

Cycling is a great activity; however, learning how to do it can be problematic and risky. Training wheels are great to help learners gain their confidence while learning how to ride a bike.

Training wheels can be bought with the bike or separately, and then attached to the bike frame at the back. When buying them you will find different types and designs. The available variety is made of plastic or rubber materials. The most important thing to consider when shopping for bicycles with training wheels is the training wheels’ strength and ability to hold up the bicycle and rider.

Who Needs Bicycle With Training Wheels?

Training wheels are intended for anyone learning how to ride a bike. They are usually used to help the trainer understand how the bike works, i.e., peddling and braking before they take the time to learn how to balance. Since they are attached easily to the frame of the bike close to the back wheel, they can be removed easily without affecting the other parts of the bike when the rider wants to learn how to balance.

Tip: Raising your training wheels can help

Training wheels are an indispensable asset when it comes to learning how to cycle. The trouble is, that less confident cyclists may not be able to tell when the training wheels should come off.

Young riders can slowly get accustomed to the wobbling of a regular two-wheeled bicycle by raising the training wheels a little more with each practice session. This will help build enough confidence to quit the training wheels.

Sample Bicycles With Training Wheels

Huffy Disney Cars Bike with Training Wheels

Bicycle with Training Wheels
Bearing the Cars movie theme, this bike is great for young cycling learners. It comes with an attractive and glossy paint finish decorated with car graphics. It also has training wheels to ensure the rider is always supported when riding. The Piston Cup racing kit comes with four racing cones, 2 finish line racing cones, and a flag for some fun racing games.

Mantis Boys Lil Burmeister Bike

Bicycle with Training Wheels
This is a great choice for little boys. The details include an oversized frame with shiny alloy rims, supported by high-quality reinforced training wheels. This bike is designed to handle the rough handling and riding most kids do on different terrain.

Schwinn Steerable Bike

Bicycle with Training Wheels

The removable, guiding push handle can be used to steer the bike saving the parent from always bending over to help their child along. It also features heavy-duty tires for all-terrain riding and stability, training wheels, and a water bottle and mount. The easy-release seat can be conveniently adjusted for growing kids.

Polaris Edge LX120 Kids Bike

Bicycle with Training Wheels
The bike features a strong ‘T’-frame, pneumatic tires, training wheels, and exciting coaster brakes for added fun. It also has a strong chain guard to withstand extended use and protect your child from the chain while riding.

Bike USA Junior Stabilizer Wheel Kit

Bicycle with Training Wheels
This kit is designed to offer maximum stability support for up to a whopping 200 pounds. It features real 20” pneumatic wheels on axles attached to a heavy-duty steel frame which is then attached to the bike frame and not the rear axle. The kit comes with a simple step-by-step installation manual.

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More Adult Bicycles with Training Wheels Online

Bicycle with Training Wheels
Bicycle with Training Wheels


Training wheels are essential in helping leaning cyclists get the hang of how bike riding is done. For more information about bicycles with training wheels, you are invited to visit my pages about:

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