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city bike
Pink Lady, Green City Bike. What a Match!

City bikes are also called commuter bikes. They’re not road bikes, nor are they mountain bikes: they’re falling somewhere in the middle. Riding a city bike is great! Not only does it offer you a great biking exercise while commuting to work, but you can avoid long traffic lines and the inconvenience of having to find parking once you get to your destination. Just lock your bike up and you’re good to go! What’s more, it’s also environmentally friendly: unlike cars, it won’t spew out harmful toxic waste into the atmosphere. You’ll also save money on gas and maintenance.

What to Look For in a City Bike

Picking a great commuter or city bike boils down to common sense. You want something comfortable, safe, efficient, and that can hold a little extra cargo.

A Comfortable Seat

Let’s be clear: a city bike is not a road bike. You should be able to sit up comfortably without hunching your back too much or reaching too far. Make sure you get a comfortable seat or saddle. There are even some out there with springs or shocks.

Handlebars and Breaks

The bicycle handlebars should be at a comfortable height and angle and ideally it should have gears to make riding fast and easy for hills. Commuter bikes are now available with either disk brakes or rim brakes, and it’s completely up to you what you want though disk brakes are great in all weather conditions where rim brakes can be a bit slippery in wet weather.


Your commuter bike should also have >bicycle fenders to prevent you from getting wet and dirty during your trip. Look for fenders made out of aluminum or plastic, or with a coating that will prevent them from rusting. You can also get a city bike with chain covers to keep you even cleaner.

Cargo Rack

The one other great thing about commuter bikes is the bicycle rear rack to carry your cargo. This way, you can pack extra gear or even some groceries without having to have a huge and heavy backpack. Just make sure it offers an easy way to strap things down, or by bungee cords to stop your cargo from running away on you.

Safety Equipment

Safety gear is also important on your city bike. Make sure your bike has bicycle reflectors, and a rear light so traffic sees you as you cycle.

There are many affordable lights encased in materials like silicone that you can simply strap onto the back of your bike, offering either a steady or flashing red light.

Bicycle mirrors and front lights can also be good accessories. There are a variety of mirrors you can attach to your handlebars or even to your helmet so that you can see behind you in traffic before you make that left-hand swerve.

The best front bicycle lights are LEDs and are removable so you don’t have to have them on your bike at all times. They can range from about $5 to $60 – or more – depending on the quality and light strength you’re looking for.

Bike Bells

Attachable bicycle bells for your handlebars are good as well to let know other cyclists and pedestrians if you want to pass them or just let them know you’re there.

Tip: If traffic is really congested, avoid toe clips

City Bike

In congested city traffic, you'll probably have to keep stopping your bicycle from time to time.

If you're not an experienced cyclist, clipless pedals and pedals with toe clips may restrict your movement and increase your reaction time. Go for simple, unconnected pedals.

Top City Bikes Makers

Here is a list of recommended city bike manufacturers:

Here is a complete list of city bike makers and all other bicycle manufacturers.

Can I Buy a City Bike Online?

Yes. You can buy yourself a nice city bike on eBay, Chain-Reaction-Cycles, Wayfair, Target, and many other online stores. Take a look:

Buy a City Bike on eBay

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Last Word About Riding a City Bike

Try your legs at a city bike and make going to work a fun form of biking exercise, instead of just another daily chore. By using the above tips and recommendations, you will find that perfect city bike to get you where you need to go.

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