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Retro Bicycles
Retro Bicycles
Retro Bicycles

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What is the definition of retro bicycles? Is it the one with the most advanced brakes, gear systems, and handlebars? Or are they just bicycles that may not contain quite as many cutting-edge features, but boasts an interesting and stylish design?

In fact, both these definitions are equally valid. As serious cyclists, we aren’t afraid to shell out thousands of dollars for bicycles with the latest features.

We want bicycles sporting the technology so we can enjoy the smoothest, fastest ride possible. However, bicycle shopping doesn’t always have to be about technology or functionality. Sometimes, the aesthetic appeal may be the primary deciding factor.

Don’t forget – bicycles can make a great fashion statement too. In this article, we’re going to take a quick break from the technical aspects of bicycle shopping and look at some bicycles that score high marks in the style stakes!

Retro Bicycles Chatracteristics

Bicycle manufacturers are now turning to bicycle history for inspiration when designing cool bicycles. When it comes to stylistic appeal, you can always trust classic bicycle designs to deliver. What should you look for in retro-style bicycles? Let’s find out.

Front Baskets

  • Nothing says “retro” quite like a front basket.
  • Remember those countless classic movie scenes where newspaper delivery boys pile up newspapers in their front basket or young lovers cycle to a picnic with their luncheon tucked neatly into their bicycle basket? With a bicycle basket like the one on the Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike, you can capture that atmosphere of carefree abandon while riding on your bicycle.

Cruiser Frames

  • Cruiser frames are sleek and minimalist.
  • Did you know...?

    Retro Bicycles

    Did you know that retro bicycles are really in vogue at the moment?

    With "hipster culture" experiencing a surge in popularity, a lot of cyclists are now riding old-fashioned bicycles like single-speed cruiser bikes and Tokyo bikes. Buy a retro bicycle if you want to be part of this growing trend.

  • They recall a time when bicycles were simply an efficient way to get from place to place to place - a time before mountain biking, BMX biking or any of the newfangled cycling sports we have today.
  • Cruiser frames prove that cool bicycles don't have to be ostentatious or flashy. They stand out with their minimalist, understated designs in an age of excess and their undisputable historical appeal.

Bright Colors

  • Retro bicycles were always painted in bright, cheery colors - none of that boring gunmetal gray or black paint that we see so often on modern bicycles.
  • For an authentic retro look and feel, seek out bicycles painted in "happy colors". The demure, pastel pink on the Schwinn Girls' Huntington Cruiser Bike is a great example. It's not so striking as to appear obnoxious, but is bright enough to serve as a great pick-me-up at the end of a tiring day!

Tandem Retro Bicycles

Retro Bicycles

There's little doubt that tandem bikes boast some of the most elegant designs around. They're timeless, they're interesting and best of all, and they're romantic.

A tandem bike is not only a cool bicycle, but also one of the best lovers' accessories money can buy. You are invited to read more about tandem bikes.

Low Stand-Over Height

  • A tricky thing about tandem bicycles is mounting and dismounting them with your partner without losing your balance. Having a low stand-over height eliminates that problem.
  • Traditional tandem bicycles featured low stand-over heights, so choosing bicycles with this feature will give your couple's bike ride a touch of classic elegance.

Smooth Lines

Retro Bicycles
  • Since this is a matter of personal aesthetic preference, it can be difficult to ascertain what constitutes "smooth lines".
  • A great point of reference would be the Kent Dual Drive tandem bike, which wows riders with its sleek, ergonomic design.
  • Tandem bikes are usually bulky, but there are no extra bits and bobs on this bicycle, resulting in clean, visually-pleasing lines that make this a really cool bicycle.

Cool Kid's Retro Bicycles

If you want to get your kid into cycling, there's no surer way to do so than to buy him a trendy bicycle that will be the envy of all his friends! Here's what to look out for when you shop for kid's bicycles.

Bicycle Color

Retro Bicycles
  • Young children are notoriously fussy about colors.
  • Don't ever buy your son a pink or purple bicycle - he'll never live it down! Instead, choose "manly colors" like blue, silver or green.
  • Your daughter will naturally gravitate towards, brighter and more feminine colors like electric pink and purple.

Retro Bicycle Design

  • Children love bicycles which feature their favorite characters from cartoons, comic books and TV shows. Two good examples would be the Spider-Man Bike, sure to appeal to boys, and the Dora the Explorer Bicycle which girls will totally go for.


  • Remember that what kids consider a cool bicycle may seem quite tasteless to adults. In general, bicycles with lots of tassels, studs and other "bling" will be more attractive to children.

Where to Buy Retro Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying retro bicycles you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Retro Bicycles on eBay

1994 Bianchi Reparto Corse - 58CM  | w/ Campagnolo Record 12 Speed | Neo-Retro (Used - 5399 USD)1994 Bianchi Reparto Corse - 58CM | w/ Campagnolo Record 12 Speed | Neo-Retro
(Used - 5399 USD)
ROAD BIKE - Retro Diamond Back Titanium Road Racing Bike (Used - 3750 USD)ROAD BIKE - Retro Diamond Back Titanium Road Racing Bike
(Used - 3750 USD)
Rock Lobster retro gravel bike Dura Ace 7700, Paul Components, Chris King  (Used - 3250 USD)Rock Lobster retro gravel bike Dura Ace 7700, Paul Components, Chris King 
(Used - 3250 USD)
IBIS Szazbo Full Suspension MTB, Shimano XT, Restoration, Vintage/Retro Judy XL (Used - 2499.99 USD)IBIS Szazbo Full Suspension MTB, Shimano XT, Restoration, Vintage/Retro Judy XL
(Used - 2499.99 USD)

Last Word About Retro Bicycles

There is a wealth of bicycles out there with simply stunning designs. If you aren't too concerned about a bicycle's performance, but simply want to make sure it looks cool, you now know what to look out for when you go bike shopping!

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