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A lot of cyclists limit their progress by being too afraid to ask questions. The whole purpose of this forum is to share knowledge, clarify doubts, and encourage each other.

If you want to improve as a cyclist, ask any question you might have, no matter how amateurish it might make you sound.

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Adult Bicycle Training Wheels

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Aug 25, 2011
I recently experienced a phenomenon that I hope you may advise me on how to overcome.

4 months ago, I began riding a trike-style pedicab. I have ridden bicycles for more than 50 years and as recently as the first week I started on the trike. I neglected to continue my bicycling for the last 3 months and now find I can't maintain balance to get the regular bicycle going.
Will I need to back up & start the re-learning stage with adult training wheels and how do you get to the stage where those extra wheels get "ditched"?

Thanks for any advice!

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Sep 26, 2011
Hi Tom
You are not alone. I have another, similar question from George (US) on my bicycling forum. He wrote:

I have ridden bikes for 50+ years w/o any difficulties. Three months ago, I took a pedicab job and mastered the "trike" skills to convey my passengers safely around an urban shopping/dining zone.

My problem was discovered recently when I attempted to ride my two-wheel mountain bike for pleasure. I have unlearned my ability to balance on two wheels. I'm not staying upright for more than 10 feet.

Is it possible to lose a lifetime skill so quickly due to the newly learned skill set needed to control a heavy three-wheeler? Do you suggest training wheels for adults?
I have an opportunity to switch to a bike/trailer setup, where the bike is independent of a hitched two-wheel carriage. Should I acquire the trainers and leave them on for more stability?

Thanks, if you can answer any of these questions, I will be humbly indebted to you!

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Bicycle Tire Pump

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Nov 25, 2011
I bought 2 vintage Western Flyers from a neighbor and need to buy a good pump that doesn't give me or my husband a heart attack getting the tires filled... any suggestions?

Thanks for any help at all.

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Dec 3, 2011
Hi Mary
Thank you so much for posting your question on my site about Bicycles and Bicycling

Western Flyer bicycles are great bicycles. If they are in good condition, and if you did not pay too much then you are lucky!
Note: You can read my article about the Western Flyer Bicycles here.

About bicycle pumps: there are several types, but first you need to find out what type of valve you have. Read more about the subject on my page about bicycle inner tubes.

Anyway, I would strongly recommend buying an electric bicycle pump. I would recommend the Black and Decker one! (best value for your money).

If you need a pump that you can take with you on your bicycle trip then a simple manual tire pump will be perfect. Read here about bicycle tire pumps.

I hope I was helpful


Dec 4, 2011
Thanks so much.
We paid $50 for both Western Flyers and we love riding them! They are mint and I (obviously) did not know what we were buying at such a bargain price. We were just looking for some plain old bikes to get some exercise on!

I saw that electric pump for $30 - Black and Decker and might get it even though I have sensitive hearing and I understand it makes quite a lot of noise.
Thanks again for so much great info.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I like your bicycling forum!


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Bicycling Forum - List of Bicycle Parts
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Automatic Bicycle Transmission

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Sep 23, 2011
I have always ridden single-speed bicycles, with braking done by back-pedaling. I am 30 minutes from work by car but would like to use a bike. Heard about a bike that had an automatic bicycle transmission, maybe from California. Do you know what company it was?

At almost 58, I love the free feeling of biking but don't want to have to think about what I am doing. Can you help me find a bike that will fit my comfort zone?

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Sep 26, 2011
Thank you so much for your question on my bicycling forum.
There are some good links for information about automatic bicycle transmission, such as Wikipedia

We can learn that there are some major disadvantages to buying and using a bicycle with automatic transmission or with electronic gears. Besides being extremely expensive, there is no way to shift gears if you run out of electricity.

It looks to me that it would be wise to wait several more years until bicycle automatic shifting will mature.

You asked also about the electric shifter. There is an interesting article about the subject on Wikipedia

As with automatic bicycle transmission, the electric gear-shifting system is also premature, and it is designed for road racing bicycles.
So, I would suggest you buy a regular bicycle, such as a hybrid bicycle, with 24 or 27 manual gears. From my experience, you will get to use these manual gears very quickly and the action of changing gears will soon become automatic.

Thank you again for posting your question on my bicycling forum;


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Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires

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Joseph Pereira (Sunnyvale, CA)
July 11, 2011
Hi guys, are any of you using puncture-proof bicycle tires? If any of you are, could you please recommend your favorite kind of tire?

I'm compiling a small list and I would love to get some opinions based on real experience. So far this is what I've got. Armadillo. I've never actually used this type before, however, a good friend of mine has been using it for years now and is pretty happy with it.

Do you have any other recommendations for a good set of puncture-proof bicycle tires?

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Ruben Chelliah
Jul 26, 2011
It's my first time at your bicycles and bicycling forum. Puncture-proof tires are the coolest thing ever. I still remember how I had to wheel my bike for 4 miles because of a puncture..and we had gone mountain biking so it was like hell. The fact that my friends were still on their bikes going in circles around me, didn't help either :S ..

There is nothing much you can do if the tire does get punctured so carrying a frame pump or anything else won't help and you can't ride on a flat tire because it'll ruin the rim :S ..I pay extra for the expensive stuff but it's worth it!!

Samurai Biker
Aug 6, 2011
Hmm nice post but I think you've missed out on some really good brands. I've been using Bira for a while now and they are simply awesome..way better than the stuff some of my fellow riders have installed.

I'm not sure about the other brands out there but this is just fine for an average user. They are also quite cheap because at $19 on eBay, which is quite good. I got them online because I usually install tires myself. If you are not sure, then you need to take it to a mechanic.


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If you have any questions or any answers regarding cycling, please post them on my bicycles and bicycling forum.

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and dance like no one is watching."

Aurora Greenway

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