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bicycle race

When you hear the term “bicycle race” you might associate it with professional riders. This is far from being accurate. There are bicycle races to participate in around the world for every experience level. You may be surprised at how many races and tours may take place in your city. Much like running races, many of these are to support a nonprofit organization, so this is fun that you can feel good about having. Even charity rides often have exciting prizes.

What is a Bicycle Race

Road biking became an organized sport back in 1868. By 1893, it was part of the Olympia Games.

There are different variations for bicycle races. Take a look:

  • Single Day Bicycle Race – Distances can vary from a few miles to a couple hundred miles. Courses may extend from one point to another or form a circuit. Races performed on short circuits are called criteriums.
  • Time Trial – Cyclists generally race the clock during these bicycling games. Racers start in staggered packs, so there is less congestion on the road.
  • Single-Day Nocturnal Bicycle Race – Night races are always a ton of fun. The Twilight Series that takes place in Athens, Georgia every spring is a good example.
  • Stage Race – There are several race stages to get through at these events. The overall winner has the lowest cumulative time across all events.
  • Ultramarathon – A race clock runs continuously at these long, single-stage events. They often take several days in which the rider determines when to take their break. Race Across America is one of the best-known ones.

If you do a little digging you will likely find some exciting bicycle races near you. This link will tell you how to organize a bicycle race of your own.

Non Competitive Bicycle Races

If you like the idea of participating in bicycle races, but not necessarily into the competitive aspect there are endless opportunities for you, too.

You do not realize how inspiring and empowering a bicycle can be until you enjoy one of these events.

You might think you know the city you grew up in, but when you start exporting by bicycle your eyes are opened to many new findings.

You will have a great time being surrounded by history, culture, and natural beauty that you might even forget that you are also exercising. Biking exercise is good for your mind and body.

In many cities, urban hipsters are known for holding scavenger hunts. You bike around the city, following clues to win little prizes. Some even organize a midnight mystery ride. Noncompetitive bicycle races like this may already be taking place in your city. If not, organize one and make it an annual tradition. You will be surprised at how much it grows every year.

Tip: You Can Meet Like-Minded Friends at a Bicycle Race

Bicycle Race

If you don't have any friends who like to cycle it can be challenging to stick to a training regimen.

Sign up for races, tours, and clubs in your area. You will get the opportunity to meet some awesome people and potentially even a few training partners.

Interested In A Unique Bicycle Race?

I recently heard about some cool bicycle race being held by a theater company. The audience follows the cast to different venues throughout the city by bicycle. Every destination brings a new scene to the performance. It amps up the intensity level of suspense when you have to wait to find out what happens next. There is often even live music to enhance the experience.

What About BMX?

If BMX interests you, then you may find that other BMX riders in your area find simplistic urban terrain and transform it into an environment that offers endless opportunities for fun. Read ahead in this article about BMX games.

bicycle games

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