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 Long Distance Biking
Long Distance Biking
Long Distance Biking

Books about Long Distance Cycling

If you have been riding your bike around town regularly, perhaps it is time to start considering long-distance biking. Long-distance riding is about more than just pushing your body to go even further; it can also be an incredible life experience.

These long biking journeys are growing in popularity because they provide people with a fun, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to see scenic sights and go on an adventure. You can plan a cycling trip that will allow you to explore a nearby area, or you can even plan a biking vacation that will take you to more exotic locales. Whichever you choose, you will be increasing your fitness while having a great time.

Starting Your Long-Distance Biking Training

Of course, long-distance rides have different requirements than your short rides about town. You have to have the endurance, strength, and equipment necessary to make it from point A to point B successfully. Below are a few steps you can take when preparing for long-distance biking.

Strengthening Your Core

Many people would think that you need to focus on the legs to prepare for a long bike ride, but your core is just as important. As you ride for longer periods, you might find yourself slouching over the handlebars. This can lead to back problems and injuries within your core. You can reduce these risks by doing exercises that require you to tense your core muscles for repetitions that last at least 15 seconds.

 Long Distance Biking
 Long Distance Biking
Long Distance Biking

Low-Weight, High-Repetition Resistance Training

When working on strength, you may feel impatient and think that you need to try to lift the heaviest amount possible. To prepare for long-distance bike rides, you are much better off opting for lighter weights and doing high-repetition sets. By doing about 40 repetitions with light weights instead of 15 repetitions with heavy weights, you can build strength and endurance, which are each important for long-distance biking. .

High Intensity Interval Training

If you are preparing for a long-distance competition, and you would like to increase your time, interval training is a smart way to go. Being able to pedal at your max speeds for short bursts of time can mean being able to easily pass other riders when it matters most. When training, a great way to prepare is to ride at an even, comfortable pace for at least an hour a day, attempting sprints at top speeds every ten minutes during these practice sessions.

Don’t Forget Your Equipment

Preparing for a long-distance ride is not just about training your body. You also need to have the right gear. Depending upon the length of your trip, the following items may be very useful:

  • Repair Tools – A good kit will contain spare inner tubes, a pump, a pair of pliers, tire levers, and a wrench, among other tools.
  • Bags – Store items like water bottles, snacks, and extra clothes in a bicycle pannier and/or backpack.
  • Overnight Items – If your long-distance biking trip is going to last multiple days, you might need a tent, cooking equipment, and other overnight gear.
  • Rear Rack – If you do have a lot of items to store, such as a week’s worth of clothing and toiletries, a rear bicycle rack can help you accommodate all of your supplies.

In Short: Take Your Time Before Hitting the Road

The key to a successful long-distance trek is being aware of what you are getting into and being prepared. Take plenty of time to plan and prepare for your trip, train your body, acquire all of the necessary supplies, and follow these helpful tips to improve your experience.

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Sara and I’m from Panama (Central America). I do triathlon in my country (amateur) and brought my tri bike to Frankfurt. I’ll be staying here until July and would like to have a personal trainer to improve my biking skills and to show me road cycle paths here in Frankfurt.

    Can you help?

    I’m currently staying at 60322 Frankfurt am Main.

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