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Women Cycling
Women Cycling
Women Cycling

There is a long list of reasons why women’s cycling has experienced a boost in popularity in recent years. It seems as though everywhere you look you see women cruising down bike lanes and navigating treacherous mountain bike trails. Some do it for exercise; others are trying to do their part to save the planet. Whatever your reason is for getting started this is a rewarding activity that is easy to fall in love with.

Empowerment through Women Cycling

Women Cycling

To men, the bicycle was a new toy, when it was created. To women, it was a tool used to find their place in the world. As much as bike culture is loved by enthusiasts, the profound role the bicycle played as an important cultural agent of change is often underestimated.

In 1897, more than 2 million bicycles were purchased in the United States alone. In the 1890s, city biking was merely an eruption of exuberance that rattled the windows of economic and social foundations. The simple bicycle played a huge role in the women’s movement of the 1890s.

“The New Women” was a popular term used to describe modern women breaking tradition and working outside the home. The bicycle helped these women assert themselves.

Cycling Impacts Fashion

Fashions of the Victorian era were not practical for women cycling. Corsets, multi-layered skirts, and petticoats inhibited freedom of movement. These articles of clothing symbolized the constricted lives of the women of the 1890s. Corsets and large billowing skirts gave way to bloomers, and fashion would never be the same. Today, manufacturers cater to women cyclists, with a substantial selection of cycling apparel.

Is Female Health Affected By Cycling?

Spending a significant amount of time on a bicycle seat has been associated with erectile dysfunction in male riders. So, could it have an impact on a woman’s sexual health?

The way that bike seats are designed, the majority of your weight rests on the seat’s nose. This can compress blood vessels and nerves in the genital area. Although extensive research has been done on how this positioning affects male riders, little has been done to explore how women are affected. It is suggested that women are likely at similar risk, too, but risks can be significantly decreased with proper technique and quality bicycling equipment.

Important Tips for Women Cyclists

It is important to be aware of potential risks, so you can take proper precautionary measures to avoid them.

  • Find a supportive and comfortable bicycle seat. “No nose” bicycle seats are helpful. Their ergonomic seats are also called “noseless” and “no pressure” seats.
  • Make sure you are riding a properly sized bike.
  • Wear bicycling shorts specifically designed for women cycling. They will have padding in the right place.
  • Adjust your position periodically, and take breaks, as needed.
  • Maintain an upright position. This allows you to distribute your weight evenly to your sitting bones instead of sensitive soft tissue.

Last Word About Women Cycling

Thanks to constant advances in biking equipment, women today can enjoy this sport more than ever before. It is a great exercise and tones your legs. Plus, it allows you to save money you would spend on gas or public transportation while also doing your part to save the planet by decreasing your carbon footprint.

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