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Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover

Find a bicycle helmet cover Online

Some say that a bicycle helmet cover is useless. We’ve all heard that one before. Throughout your cycling career, you’ll meet a few cyclists who think helmet covers are a waste of money. That’s when you can be sure they don’t know what they’re discussing. Any cyclist with a good helmet (and all serious cyclists should own one) needs a decent helmet cover.

Helmet Cover – Dispensable Luxury or Cycling Essential?

If you can’t find room in your budget for a helmet cover, think again. The costs of not buying a helmet cover might well outweigh the costs of purchasing a reliable one. Why? The answer is simple.

You’ve already spent a sizeable sum of money on a great bicycle helmet that is well-ventilated, generously padded, and durable. Why wouldn’t you want to take every measure possible to protect it? Here are some of the advantages a bicycle helmet cover gives you.

Keep Your Helmet in Good Shape

  • A helmet might be durable, but if you let it get covered with dirt and grime, it’s only a matter of time before it gets nicked and scratched by little bits of sand and soil particles.
  • A helmet cover keeps all the dirt off, preventing your helmet from getting soiled. It’s a whole lot easier to clean than a helmet too!

Keep Water Out

  • All great bike helmets should have air vents to keep your head cool and allow your sweat to evaporate. The downside to having those air vents in your helmet is that water can and will get in when it rains or snows.
  • With a helmet cover, you won’t have to put up with the horrible feeling of having water run into your hair and down your neck because most bicycle helmet covers are water-repellent. Let’s face it – cycling in wet weather is miserable enough as it is!

Add Color

Did you know...?

Bicycle Helmet Cover

Did you know that water can leak into your helmet through the seams of your helmet cover?

That's why a good bicycle helmet cover should always come with taped or sealed seams. This ensures that your bike helmet cover is a hundred percent waterproof.

  • Some biking helmets are sturdy and offer top-notch protection, but suffer on the style front because they come in boring black, gray, or blue without any embellishments.
  • A helmet cover is an effective and inexpensive way to add some color and visual appeal to these boring helmets with conservative designs. There are many helmet covers in bold, striking colors with unique striped, checkered, and other patterned prints.
  • Having a brightly colored helmet cover isn't just an aesthetic asset, but a safety one as well. It makes you more visible to other motorists, helping decrease the risk of an accident occurring.

Buying Your First Helmet Cover

We should keep all of the fantastic advantages discussed above in mind when we shop for our bicycle helmet covers. The ideal helmet cover is not only low-cost but also maximizes all of those great advantages.


  • If you find helmet covers selling at a dollar apiece, you just know it's not going to be durable. You might as well use a plastic bag to cover your helmet - at least it won't immediately rip in half when you try to wrap it over a large helmet!
  • Helmet covers should be made of a fabric with high tensile strength. The 200-Nylon Oxford used to manufacture the Jandd Helmet Cover is a great example. This way, it won't tear even when you squeeze it over a slightly oversized helmet.

Ease of Use

  • Helmet covers should be easy to put on or remove. Otherwise, if you need to put them on in a hurry when the rain starts pouring down, you're going to have a tough time.
  • The best bicycle helmet covers like the Gore Bike Wear Power Helmet Neon Cover is fitted over a helmet using a drawcord, ensuring that one size fits all. This makes shopping for helmet covers easy since you don't have to worry about fit!

Waterproof Capabilities

  • If a helmet cover isn't waterproof, it's not a helmet cover. It's merely a sheet.
  • Professional-grade helmet covers should not only be waterproof, but breathable. Like the Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover, they should be able to keep the water out without restricting air circulation. That way, you get to benefit from your helmet's air vents without getting wet!


  • Pick helmet covers in loud, easily visible colors for both aesthetic and safety reasons.
  • If loud colors are not your thing, choose helmet covers with some reflective elements like the Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover.

Tip: Enhance your helmet’s appeal using a bicycle helmet cover

Bicycle Helmet Cover

Many adults usually shun wearing bicycle helmets due to their unappealing look; however, bicycle helmet covers come in some interesting and appealing designs which can be used to create a more appealing look.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Helmet Cover?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle helmet cover you can buy them on eBay.com

Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover

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