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Bicycle Helmet Mirror
Bicycle Helmet Mirror
Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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Using a bicycle helmet mirror was denounced in the past as geeky and unfashionable, but in recent times cyclists have begun to recognize the inherent pragmatism in this accessory’s wonderful design. It’s swiftly become one of the must-have accessories in the biking industry and if you haven’t yet tried one out, you should give serious thought to buying one.

What is a Bicycle Helmet Mirror?

It’s quite surprising how many cyclists have never heard of a helmet mirror. The only bike mirrors they’re familiar with are the ones mounted on handlebars. A helmet mirror consists of a long stalk or stems with a round or oval mirror at the end. As the name suggests, it is fastened to the helmet.

The most common method is to fasten the bicycle helmet mirror using an adhesive patch as such patches adhere quite easily to the hard outer shells of most bicycle helmets. The higher-end bicycle helmet mirrors offer a more secure option which involves using a steel clamp to fasten the mirror to the edge of the helmet.

Advantages of a Helmet Mirror

Some unenlightened cyclists might ask you, “What’s wrong with a good old-fashioned handlebar mirror?” Well, as it turns out, a bicycle helmet mirror offers you some fantastic advantages that regular handlebar mirrors don’t.

Better Vision

  • A common complaint with handlebar mirrors is that the rider’s vision will be obstructed by parts of his body (most often his arm and shoulder).
  • With a helmet mirror, the rider’s vision will rarely be obstructed by his body unless he is sporting an Afro or some other huge hairdo.
  • A handlebar mirror does not always provide a full rear view and it is difficult to rotate the mirror for a better view when you are cycling at high speeds.
  • With a bike helmet mirror, turning your head a few degrees in either direction will enable you to get a very clear picture of what is going on behind you.

Easy to Remove

  • Some handlebar mirrors are extremely difficult to remove, forcing riders to purchase one bike mirror for every bicycle they own. If you are a bike enthusiast, this can get very expensive.
  • Since you probably have only one helmet and a helmet mirror is attached to your bike helmet, you can use a single helmet mirror with all your bicycles.

Less Likely to Break

  • Since handlebar mirrors protrude from your bicycle, they are the most likely parts to break if your bicycle falls over.
  • In comparison, a bicycle helmet mirror is less likely to break. It will only break if you fall face-first off your bicycle or drop your helmet from a great height – both unlikely scenarios.

Tip: When using bicycle helmet mirrors, treat your helmet with care.

Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Many people shun handlebar mirrors because they break off easily in the event of a fall.

Helmet mirrors are less likely to shatter if your bike falls over, but that doesn't mean you can toss your helmets around carelessly and expect your mirrors to survive. Treat your helmet to keep your mirror in good shape.

What to Consider When Buying a Bike Helmet Mirror

Cycling equipment manufacturers are fully aware that the demand for helmet mirrors is steadily increasing and have strived to expand their selection of helmet-mounted mirrors to capitalize on this trend. Here are some factors you should consider before you buy a new helmet mirror:

Fastening Mechanism

  • The advantage of helmet-mounted mirrors with adhesive patches is that they are easy to transfer from one helmet to another. This makes mirrors like the Third Eye Pro Helmet Mirror very popular, although users should keep in mind that transferring the mirror too often may cause the adhesive patch to lose its "stickiness".
  • Helmet mirrors with steel clamps like the Safe Zone Mirror are more secure. However, the mirror might be very difficult to remove from the helmet, so you need to make sure the helmet you fasten it to is one you intend to use in the long term.


  • Some bicycle helmet mirrors are fully flexible, meaning that you can bend them to the exact position that will maximize your rear view. A good example would be the CycleAware Reflex Bicycle Mirror which is touted as the only 100 percent adjustable helmet mirror on the market.


  • If the user does not have strong neck muscles (e.g. young children), a heavy helmet mirror might be extremely uncomfortable. It might force you to hold your head at an awkward angle.
  • The more lightweight a helmet-mounted mirror, the better it is. Of course, more lightweight mirrors are less durable, so you should take extra care of them!


  • Some helmet mirrors come as a bundle with a bike helmet. An example is the Bell Child Barbie Roller Girl Helmet which comes with a built-in mirror. This is handy if you don't want to go to the trouble of fastening the bike helmet mirror yourself.

Tip: Always keep your eyes on the road in front of you

Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Although the use of a helmet mirror is vital in keeping aware of those around you, make sure that it does not turn into a distraction. If you keep your eyes fixed on the mirror for too long you will end up losing track of where you are heading and end up causing an accident.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Helmet Mirror?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle helmet mirror you can buy it in one of these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Helmet Mirror on eBay

Bicycle Bike Rear View Riding Helmet Mirror Third Eye Black 360 Adjustable 0.8oz (New - 440 USD)Bicycle Bike Rear View Riding Helmet Mirror Third Eye Black 360 Adjustable 0.8oz
(New - 440 USD)
Original Bike Peddler Take a Look Bike Helmet Eyeglass Visor Mirror Full Length (New - 99.95 USD)Original Bike Peddler Take a Look Bike Helmet Eyeglass Visor Mirror Full Length
(New - 99.95 USD)
Arai Helmet Extra Mirror Shield Vas-V Mv Shield Smoke Blue for Rx-7X Motorcycle (New - 96.99 USD)Arai Helmet Extra Mirror Shield Vas-V Mv Shield Smoke Blue for Rx-7X Motorcycle
(New - 96.99 USD)
Yamashiro Motorcycle Helmet Mirror Shield EXTRA Shield Arai VAS-V Smoke Red (New - 83.11 USD)Yamashiro Motorcycle Helmet Mirror Shield EXTRA Shield Arai VAS-V Smoke Red
(New - 83.11 USD)


Being able to see behind you is an indispensable asset when it comes to safe biking. Don't miss out on a helmet-mounted mirror.

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