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Raskullz Blue Shark Infant Helmet Adjustable Strap Ages 1+ (48-52cm) Box3 (New - 31.99 USD)Raskullz Blue Shark Infant Helmet Adjustable Strap Ages 1+ (48-52cm) Box3
(New - 31.99 USD)
Raskullz Lil Super Corn Infant Helmet Age 1+ Unicorn With Fit System Flat Back  (New - 26.69 USD)Raskullz Lil Super Corn Infant Helmet Age 1+ Unicorn With Fit System Flat Back
(New - 26.69 USD)
Raskullz Lil Shark Attax Infant Helmet 1+ (48cm-52cm) (New - 22.99 USD)Raskullz Lil Shark Attax Infant Helmet 1+ (48cm-52cm)
(New - 22.99 USD)
Lazer BOB Infant Helmet: White Egg with Chick One Size (New - 19.99 USD)Lazer BOB Infant Helmet: White Egg with Chick One Size
(New - 19.99 USD)

Find an Infant Bike Helmet Online

An infant bike helmet, like any other bike helmet is not merely an accessory but critical safety equipment parents who love to bike with their kids should invest in. If you want to ensure the uncompromised safety and comfort of your child as well as enjoy great value for your money, you need to invest time and do some research when finding the ideal brand for your child.

Infant Bike Helmet

Kids bike helmets that are on the market today are required to conform to the CPSC safety standards that are imposed on adult bike helmets. The standard requires emphasizing choosing the right fit to ensure optimum protection.

Aside from fit, another major consideration in the construction of an infant bike helmet is the weight. It needs to be made from lightweight material given the fact that infants and toddlers still do not have adequate neck muscle strength to withstand the added weight of the helmet.

Look for a secure, comfortable fit that can adjust as your child grows. You want a helmet that will make your child look forward to wearing it, look forward to biking, and look forward to spending time with you. Here's a look at some of the leading options:

Guide to Infant Bike Helmet Fit and Sizing

A helmet is an important gear for any cyclist. If you plan to take along your child, keep in mind that no matter how careful you may be, accidents can and are bound to happen when you least expect it. When worn and sized correctly, a kid's bike helmet can prevent serious head injuries that can potentially result from spills and collisions and can spell a huge difference between a mere Band-Aid to a long and expensive hospital stay.

Snug and the well-aligned fit is important to ensure maximum protection. Since helmets come in different sizes and construction, make sure to pay attention to measurements and vigilantly follow the basic guidelines of measurement.

Head Size

The head size in helmets refers to the circumference of the head, which you can easily determine by wrapping a tape measure around the head of your child. Start about one inch above the eyebrow area and encircle the widest part of the head. This may take several measurements to make sure you are getting the accurate size. The head size should be derived in centimeters. You can convert inches to centimeters by simply multiplying it by 2.54. Refer to this helmet size chart:

Size Toddler S/M M/L One Size
Inches 18.5 - 20.5 20.5- 22.5 22.5 - 23.75 19.5 - 22.5
Centimeters 47-52 52-57 57-60 50-57

Use your child's head size as the basis for choosing a bike helmet. Keep in mind that most kid's helmets come with padded inserts to properly adjust and ensure proper fit. Choose one that is snug enough and do not choose one with a size allowance that your child to grow into. A proper fit is very important.

Tip: Achieving a perfect fit is even more important for kids' helmets.

Before your kid starts pedaling, you should already have checked to ensure that the helmet fits perfectly on his head. Otherwise, your kid may start fiddling with his helmet halfway through the ride.

As children are weaker, they will find it very difficult to steer their bike with one hand and may thus get into an accident. Hence, always make sure your child's helmet is properly and comfortably fitted before you set off on your cycling trip.

Sample Infant Bike Helmets

Giro Me2 Bike Helmet

Infant Bike Helmet

Widely known as the leading bike helmet manufacturer, the brand is popular for offering a great blend of protection, comfort, and great design. The brand has successfully incorporated the same design principles in adult helmets as those for infants and toddlers. This particular model comes with an easy twist knob that allows you to retract or expand to ensure a snug, perfect and custom fit. It is also equipped with proper ventilation to prevent overheating.

Schwinn Toddler's Carnival Helmet

Infant Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a kid's bike helmet that gives you real value for your money, this one offers an inexpensive solution. It comes with a basic, yet time-tested design complete with adjustable straps along with a front visor to reduce glare from the sun.

Bell Toddler Sprout Bike Helmet

Infant Bike Helmet

Another popular manufacturer of reliable and safe helmet products for adults and kids alike, is Bell. Bell bike helmets offer are known for their quality, and look. They allow their bike helmets to grow with your child. This is made possible with its innovative padding system that can be added and removed to adjust to the child's growth during the formative cycling years.

Tip: Straps should be easy to tie and untie for you, not your child

Infant Bike Helmet

When shopping for an infant helmet look for one that can be, easily fastened and unfastened. However, remember that your child should not be able to unfasten the helmet as they may remove it whilst you are busy cycling.

Last Word About Infant Bike Helmets

An infant bicycle helmet is not an accessory; it's an essential safety item that all parents need to invest in.

Quite simply, it is among the most important early purchases you will make for your child, so before you look at any kind of child bicycle seats or other items that will allow your child to join you on the trail, finding the right bicycle helmet is the first step toward preparing your child for a lifetime of cycling.

Children are notorious for resisting anything that is forced upon them, but a bicycle helmet that fits properly without pinching or irritating can be the first step toward developing your child's lifelong love of cycling. For more ways to guide your child down the cyclist path, visit these pages:


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