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Mountain Bike Helmets
Mountain Bike Helmets

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No serious mountain bikers would ever be caught dead with their trusty mountain bike helmets. A bicycle helmet may be the most basic of all bicycle safety accessories, but it is also the most vital one. Your head is the body part that is most susceptible to injury in the event of a fall and you should invest in some protective headgear to keep yourself safe. This is even more crucial for mountain biking where the uneven terrain and steep gradients involved make falling from your bicycle more likely than in regular road cycling.

The Mountain Bike Helmets Buying Guide

Not all bicycle helmets are created equal. This buying guide is designed to help you pick out the cream of the crop when it comes to mountain bike helmets. There may be a lot of cheap options on the market aimed at recreational cyclists or bike commuters, but as a cycling veteran hoping to tackle the most difficult mountain bike trails out there, you deserve higher-quality protection.


  • A well-ventilated helmet not only keeps you comfortable by promoting excellent air circulation to cool the head and hair but also prevents heat injury by allowing heat to dissipate easily.
  • Your bike helmet should have vents on the sides and front of the helmet. If there are vents on the back of the helmet, that’d be even better!
  • Vents with “internal channeling” are better at promoting air circulation. The Giro Feature Bike Helmet, for example, has only 12 vents, but thanks to internal channeling technology, it can match 20-vent helmets in terms of ventilation.


  • To get the most out of your mountain bike helmet, it must fit well. A helmet that is too tight will probably make you feel faint while one that is too loose will bounce around during vigorous cycling and irritate you.
  • Some top-notch bicycle manufacturers have come up with unique innovations designed to help you achieve a better fit. The most notable of these is the Roc Loc 5 Fit system designed by Giro.
  • The Roc Loc 5 Fit system is the product of over a decade of research and refinement. Essentially, it allows wearers to adjust the vertical position and intra-helmet tension with a single twist of the Micro Dial, providing wearers with the ability to customize the helmet fit with great precision.
  • One popular biking helmet featuring the Roc Loc 5 Fit system is the Giro Hex Biking Helmet.

Level of Protection

Did you know...?

Mountain Bike Helmets

Did you know that there are full face mountain bike helmets designed for mountain bikers who specialize in downhill cycling?

These unusual mountain bike helmets bear some resemblance to hockey masks. During downhill cycling, you are more likely to fall forward in the event of a fall, so having full-face protection is a great idea.

  • Ultimately, the best mountain bike helmet is the one that delivers the highest levels of protection. A flashy design or high-tech features won't be of much use if the helmet can't keep the rider safe.
  • A great helmet for mountain bikers is one with a very hard outer shell capable of taking some hard knocks as well as generous interior padding with shock-absorption capabilities which can cushion the rider's head.
  • Scientists have found that injuries to the back of the head are not only the most common type of head injury for cyclists but also the most dangerous. As such, helmets like the Giro Athlon Helmet with additional padding for the occipital lobe and surrounding areas are highly recommended.

Design of Mountain Bike Helmets

  • Cycling fashionistas need not worry - a great protective helmet won't necessarily cramp your style. There are many helmets for mountain bikers with fantastic designs and high levels of protection.
  • The Bell Sequence Mountain Bike Helmet is a good example as it features a very sleek, streamlined shape and aggressive styling - two design features that are common among attractive bicycle helmets.

For more information about buying the right bicycle helmet, you are invited to visit the page about the best bicycle helmet.

Two Tips on Using Mountain Bike Helmets

Since you're going to shell out some hard-earned money for a good cycling helmet, you may as well learn to use it properly and get your money's worth.

  1. Cycling helmets should be low in the front and cover most of or the entire forehead to give the forehead adequate protection during a fall. However, the front of the helmet should not go below the eyebrows as this may obstruct your vision.
  2. Adjust your helmet buckles and straps every time you go cycling. Your straps and buckles might become looser or tighter due to changes in temperature when the helmet is not in use.

Did you know...?

Mountain Bike Helmets

Did you know that mountain bike helmets resemble motorbike helmets?

Since mountain biking tends to be more dangerous as compared to regular cycling, the helmets are designed differently. Most of them come with a full-face design for similar to motorbike helmets for face protection.

Chain guards and visors are among the main characteristics of these designs.

Where to Buy Mountain Bike Helmets?

If you are interested in buying mountain bike helmets you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Mountain Bike Helmets Online

Supreme Giro Syntax Mips Cycling Road Bike Helmet Medium Red White Spring 2020 (New - 494.99 USD)Supreme Giro Syntax Mips Cycling Road Bike Helmet Medium Red White Spring 2020
(New - 494.99 USD)
Supreme Giro Syntax Mips Bike Helmet - Medium Red White Cycling Road Spring 2020 (New - 375 USD)Supreme Giro Syntax Mips Bike Helmet - Medium Red White Cycling Road Spring 2020
(New - 375 USD)
Giro Insurgent Spherical Mountain Bike Helmet, Matte Harbor Blue, Medium/Large (New - 349.95 USD)Giro Insurgent Spherical Mountain Bike Helmet, Matte Harbor Blue, Medium/Large
(New - 349.95 USD)

Last Word About Mountain Bike Helmets

Mountain biking doesn't have to be a high-risk activity if you've got a mountain bike helmet. Buying better protection is the first step to safer mountain biking.


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