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Cycling Movies
Capturing cycling movies
in Chiang Mai

My favorite hobbies are Bike Riding and Making Cycling Movies. These two activities are so different, but luckily I have many opportunities to do both of them: riding my bikes and taking videos.

When I go for one of my bicycling tours or on another Friday morning bicycle ride, I take with me my good old Sony mini-DV camcorder. I am not sure that this is the safest way to ride. I have to hold the video camera in one hand and my bike in the other hand.

And that is not all. To take good shots, I have to look from time to time into the video camera's viewfinder, or screen. The results are impressive and capture precious memories.

A much safer way to take videos while riding is using a head camera. You can read my article about helmet video cameras and about how to choose the best helmet camera.


Since I started cycling, I have always wondered what reaction I would get from people if I filmed my cycling trips and showed them what I saw. In my view, each bicycle riding trip is special. Whether I speed through the urban streets with my mountain bike or curve along rocky trails of the winding forests, I always find it inspiring and exhilarating.

Here Are Some of My Biking Video Clips.

Bicycle Trip in Japan

"Although we rode only 7 days, our bicycle trip in Japan was a lifetime experience. Besides the scenic views, the small country roads, and the food, these are the people, the Japanese famous hospitality that bought our hearts."

Rhine River Tour

"Our Rhine River tour by bicycle did not let me down: it left me eagerly anticipating my next adventure! Read about our bike trip from Frankfurt to Zurich."

Bicycle Tours Switzerland

"Switzerland is all about majestic mountains and fresh air. It is no wonder that bicycle tours in Switzerland are my favorite bicycle touring in Europe."

Biking in Montenegro

"Biking in Montenegro was another great adventure: hilly bicycle tracks in the open air of the beautiful country of Montenegro. Our instructor used to say that Montenegro is not like Switzerland: It is not a chocolate country'."

New York City Bike Tours

"There are many reasons to change your mind and to try riding in one of the most crowded cities in the world. You can have guided tours, as well as guided and self-guided bicycle tours in the Big Apple."

Cyprus Biking Adventure

"Cyprus is a small island, but it still has everything a cyclist can dream of: mountain routes (the Troodos), great beaches, seaside bike rides, good food, sunny days and warm hospitality - with most people speaking English."

Biking Near Chiang Mai

"Just like in New York, bike riding in Bangkok looks like an impossible thing to do. The city center is so crowded that you can hardly move- by taxi, by tuk-tuk, by bicycle, or even on foot."

My Ordeal With the Camera

So there I was, contemplating how to go about filming my biking video. I could mount a camera on my bicycle.

Tip: For inspiration, look at other cyclists' cycling movies

In addition to the clips we have here, YouTube has many other exhilarating and well-filmed cycling movies.

If you want to make your biking video but need some creative inspiration, go through these movies and pay attention to details like lighting and viewing angles. You can teach yourself to make a great cycling video.

This approach showed promise, as it shot the video from my point of view. It had some drawbacks, though, one being that it would limit the view that my audience would have.

They would see what was going on in front of the bicycle and not what I saw as I looked around through the forest. Another drawback was that my video camera would reach its breaking point eventually since it too would absorb the shock of the rocky trail that I was on.

So I decided to research how to get a great mountain biking video clip. It turns out that a lot of amateur and professional photographers use a helmet video camera in taking and making amazing mountain biking videos.

Helmet Camera to the Rescue

I tried making a helmet cam on my own and believe me, it was messy.

I strapped a normal video camera onto my bicycle helmet with duct tape. Talk about being a pure newbie. I surfed through a few Internet sites that offered helmet cameras and believe me - they were slick. They were a tenth the size of my video camera, they were very durable, and they attached easily to my bicycle helmet. Of course, I did not use the same helmet for the after photo because it had grime, dirt, and duct tape resin all over it.

Before even trying it on the road, I decided to watch a few mountain biking movies to get a grip on how to film my cycling movies, how to get the best angles, and how to position the camera on my helmet so that I would get great footage. I browsed through a lot of cycling movies on YouTube. I think you should take a look at some of them.

Video Editing & Embedding

You can find lots of good explanations of video editing on the web. I recommend this excellent site: wevideo.com. The next step after creating your video clip is uploading it to a public storage service. The most famous one is YouTube, but it is not the only one out there. After publishing the video clip it's time to share it with others, either by sending a link to the video clip via Email, or embedding it into any of your blog pages. Another option is to upload your cycling movies into Facebook, or any other social media service.

Last Word About Cycling Movies

Cycling movies are so much fun to make, as the bicycle trips are unique every time. Making a video always brings a smile to my face and I get an even bigger smile when I share the video with my loved ones.

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