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Donate Bicycle in Jaiselmer, India

If you like to learn how to donate bicycles, you have come to the right place. Bicycle donations are not something as easy to contribute as, say, canned goods or even cash. Nevertheless, there are various situations in which making this type of donation would allow you to make a bigger difference in the community. If you are thinking of donating a bike as well, then here are some essential things you should know.

What Kinds of Bicycle Donations Are Accepted?

If you like to donate bicycles it does not mean you have to donate an entire operational bike per se. Although that of course would be most appreciated, many organizations also accept donations consisting of spare parts and accessories for bicycles.

Such donations can also go a long way in offsetting the costs for repair, maintenance, and upgrades of their intended beneficiaries. All brands and types of bikes, from BMX to Shimano or from triathlon to stunt bikes, are usually accepted as well.

Of course, if you want to be certain that your donation would be accepted then you can always contact receiving non-profit foundations and charities directly. They’ll likely be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

Are Bicycle Donations Tax Deductible?

Certainly. If you donate a bicycle, this is a tax-deductible event, but it will ultimately depend on the receiving non-profit organization. Not all non-profit organizations are licensed to offer their donors tax deductions or incentives for their contributions. Again, you can always contact their offices directly to know whether or not they can offer you tax privileges. You can also contact the local office of the IRS in your state, town, or city to obtain a list of non-profit foundations that can offer non-taxable charitable deductions.

Who Usually Benefits from Bicycle Donations?

All kinds of individuals from all walks of life may benefit from this type of donation. It depends mostly on the objectives as well as the vision and mission of the non-profit organization. In many cases, these charities are prompted to ask for this type of contribution due to the following reasons.

Did you know...?

Did you know that although they seem like ideal candidates, not many bicycle repair shops contribute bicycle donations to registered bike charities?

If you're close to the mechanics at your local bike garage, sound them out about contributing some of the older or more heavily used spare parts in their inventory to a bicycle donation drive. It'll save them a bundle of tax money and will help make the lives of the less fortunate easier.

  • They want to promote a more affordable mode of transportation for those having difficulties making do with their income.
  • They are encouraging individuals to increase their use of environmentally friendly modes of transportation. With bikes, there are no chances of adding to air pollution as they are not fuel-powered.
  • They cater to beneficiaries with weak physical dispositions or medical conditions and are offering bikes as a means of additional exercise. Since bicycles are mechanically powered, they can serve as a person's daily workout.
  • They help children recover from their traumatic pasts by giving them a more positive outlet for their emotions and an activity that may keep them off the streets and vice-free.

How Can You Help with Promoting People to Donate Bicycle?

A single bicycle can change a person's life. That in itself is a huge contribution already, but it is not enough for some. If you want to be of greater help, then you can do so by encouraging more people to do the same.

  • Post entries in your blog about the benefits of donating bicycles to worthwhile causes. Consider also interviewing some beneficiaries if you can so that you may share with your readers how this kind of donation can help improve other people's lives.
  • Tweet and post links on your social networking accounts to your blog entries.
  • Volunteer your services as a bike instructor or one who can help with bike repairs as well as educate beneficiaries on the proper methods for bicycle maintenance. For something more potentially fun, you may also dedicate your time and services to helping beneficiaries accessorize and upgrade their bicycles on their own.
  • Spread the word in your local community about bicycle donations.

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