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With this recycle bicycle guide you will learn how to limit the unnecessary amount of waste polluting the world. Not only that: depending on your bicycle’s condition, you may even end up making someone else extremely happy with a bike donation.

Why are You Thinking of Throwing Away Your Bike?

Most people who are in search of a recycled bicycle guide start with the intention to throw away their bikes for good.

Some do so because they no longer have any use of it since they have a brand new car in the garage.

Others have bought a newer or more fashionable bicycle model and thus have no use for their used bicycle.

While you may no longer find your bicycle serviceable, others may still have a great need for it. This is why you need to carefully consider what is the best way to make your old bicycle useful to other people.

Is Recycling Always the Better Option?

In some cases, bicycle recycling might not be the best option to deal with your used bicycle. In some cases, you should consider other solutions.

Did you know...?

Did you know that in some parts of the world, people have to travel up to twenty miles a day just to get some clean drinking water?

On foot, that journey can take many hours. Your recycled bicycle can help make it easier for these people to enjoy clean drinking water. Help make someone's life better today by donating your unwanted bikes.

To start with, if your old bike is still good and safe enough to ride, then it is best to donate it instead to a worthwhile charity. You can easily find a list of non-profit organizations accepting this type of donation online. If not, you can always contact your local charities and ask them if they are willing to receive this type of donation.

Chances are, you will not find any foundation refusing such a gift. You can also contact churches or parishes in their area as they, too, may need it.

If you are choosing this type of solution, you are invited to visit my page about bicycle donations.

When Should You Recycle a Bicycle?

Ideally speaking, it is best that you have a professional bike repair specialist to look over your bicycle. If he feels that only minor repairs are necessary to make it serviceable, then it is up to you to decide whether you want to spend for the repairs or you would rather donate it as-is to a foundation.

Even with the latter option, you are unlikely to find a non-profit organization that would turn your donation away. However, if the professional opinion on your bicycle says it is no longer repairable, then that is the time you should consider recycling your bike. With this recycle bicycle guide, you will learn about the two essential methods for making use of unserviceable bicycles: you can disassemble your bike and give away the used pieces or you can have the entire setup recycled as scrap metal.

Donate or Recycle Bicycle Parts

What should you do if you want to donate or recycle a bicycle on a per-part basis?

In most cases, this is the better option of the two because donating spare but serviceable parts of your bicycle can be directly beneficial for its intended recipients. Thanks to such parts or accessories, they would not have to wait too long to make the necessary repairs on their bikes.

What Should You Do with Recycled Materials?

As for the option of recycling the bike as a whole, keep in mind that only those made of metal can be recycled. There are two ways to recycle a bicycle. Both of them can still be of benefit to the community and not just the environment.

Your first option would be to sell the recycled materials to companies that need them. This should fetch you a nice enough sum to make a cash contribution to your favorite charity.

Your second option is to donate the scrap metal itself to a charitable cause. Let them worry about what they can do with it.

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
Bill Cosby

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