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C1 Hybrid Bicycle

This is one of the best hybrid bicycles if you’re in search of a reasonable bike for your daily workouts or if you need something to help you move around town. It’s got plenty of amazing features in addition to superb handling and superior comfort. So, let’s take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of this model:

Rating: 3.5

C1 Hybrid Bicycle Pros & Cons


  • Stem can be adjusted to suit your needs
  • Mounts are provided
  • Comfortable on the whole


  • Chain needs to be oiled often
  • Very heavy
  • The water bottle mount isn't that good


This is one of the best hybrid bicycles when you consider durability as each, and every metallic component that you find on the C1 hybrid bicycle is made up of Aluminum or an alloy of it. The pedals provided are strong and reliable, as well. However, the chain would need to be oiled frequently; else, it tends to make a cranking sound. But, oiling is something you should do anyway.

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Handle and Saddle

The handle on this bicycle is perfect in a sense that it's got superb suspension attached in addition to the capability to easily increase and decrease its height to suit your needs. Also, the saddle is very easy to set up and shouldn't take an expert more than a minute or two. The seat is made up of sponge and other soft materials.

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Due to the suspension provided on both the handlebar as well as the saddle, there's no uproar regarding the comfort levels. The C1 hybrid bicycle got a large dial on the gear box which makes it very easy to read even if you're eyesight isn't the best.

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One of the main reasons as to why this bicycle had entered the classes of the best hybrid bicycles is the ease of handling. The gear box is flawless and it's one of the best you'd come across. The tyres have well designed threads which increase the handling capabilities for superior control.

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If you're looking for the best hybrid bicycle which is also a light weight bike, you should definitely check out your other options because this bicycle weighs a massive 70 pounds. Cycling it isn't an issue but if you're planning on carrying it around, then the problems would arise.

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Ease of Use

Being one of the best hybrid bicycles, using this bicycle is not at all a problem as you'd be able to easily hop onto it and begin pedalling along. However, if you have to cycle uphill a lot, you must think again as the weight could make it hard for you to move along.

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Value for Money

This bike is reasonably priced and there aren't many good bikes in this price range. Therefore, on the whole it's worth the cash and you won't be throwing your money down the drain.

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Final Verdict

If weight isn't an issue, the C1 hybrid bicycle is probably the best hybrid bicycle that you'd find at this price, keeping in mind the features, comfort and durability it offers. Therefore, on the whole this is a great bike and worth possessing if you just need it for workouts and cycling around town.

So, is this C1 Hybrid Bicycle is the best hybrid bicycle? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Durability 4.0
Handle and Saddle 5.0
Comfort 4.0
Handling 5.0
Weight 2.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Value for Money 5.0

Final Score

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