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GoPro Helmet Video Camera

When it comes to the best helmet cameras, the GoPro Hero HD helmet camera is surely one to consider, but, is it the perfect choice for your needs? Well, let’s take a look at the pros and cons as well as some general features to help you decide.

Rating: 5.0

GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera Pros & Cons


  • Presence of a state of the art time lapse feature
  • Many different kinds of mounts are added in the package which makes it easy to attach to any helmet.
  • Long Battery Life - lasts for two and a half hours under the highest resolution.
  • USB Charging of the camera is possible.
  • They're shockproof and can withstand falls.


  • The Protective waterproof casing could reduce the overall quality of audio that the GoPro Hero records.
  • The menu is somewhat outdated, so those of you who are technologically savvy would find it a bit odd to handle at first.
  • The number of formats that the video can be saved in is limited and the default is MPG4
  • Audio quality isn't that good, but it would be perfect for cyclists.

Tip: Take advantage of the GoPro Hero's time-lapse video function

GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera

Very few helmet cameras feature a time-lapse function. In essence, time-lapse video recordings are made using a much lower frame rate than usual. This allows you to create all sorts of visually exciting effects.

For example, a person slowly cycling past might be recorded as a kinetic whirl of color using the time-lapse function. Experiment to see what works!

Video Quality

When it comes to HD helmet cameras, people usually consider them to have a fixed resolution. But, that's not the case with the GoPro Hero HD helmet camera it's got the capability to film in three different resolutions.

Final verdict: Great HD video quality (5/5)


Audio Quality

When it comes to helmet cameras for cyclists, the audio quality doesn't matter a lot as you're only going to need to focus on the video. However, if you plan on using the helmet camera for other purposes, the overall quality of the audio isn't that good.

Final verdict: Average audio quality (2/5)



The GoPro Hero HD helmet camera is easy to set up onto almost any helmet as it's got mounts that can be easily attached. Even if you've never attached a helmet camera before, you would be able to do it within minutes.

Final verdict: It's easy to attach on almost all helmets (5/5)


Battery Life

The batteries used in this GoPro camera are Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries capable of lasting for around two and a half hours. That's not all; they're also fast chargers and can be brought back up to almost full capacity within two hours of charging.

To top it up, they've provided you with the option to charge your camera using your laptop via a USB plug or you could just plug it into a wall just like any other electrical appliance.

Final verdict: Long Battery Life (5/5)


Use in Extreme Conditions

The manufacturers haven't manufactured this GoPro camera using waterproof materials; instead, they've provided you with a casing that would be able to do the job. This could deter the quality of both audio and in some cases.

Final verdict: Waterproof casing is provided (3/5)


Final Verdict

Even though the GoPro Hero HD helmet camera is one of the best out there, it does have a few flaws when compared to the IDEAL camera. However, this would be the perfect camera for people cycling in the sun as then there wouldn't be a reason to attach the protective casing. So, on the whole, this helmet camera should get a rating of 5/5.

So, is this GoPro camera the best helmet camera? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Video Quality 5.0
Audio Quality 2.0
Mounting 5.0
Battery Life 5.0
Use in Extreme Conditions 3.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera?

The best place to buy the GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera, as well as many other cycling helmet cameras is eBay.

Other recommended e-stores where you can buy the GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera, as well as some other quality bicycle cameras are:

GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera
GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera

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GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera
GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera
GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera

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