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Helmet Mounted Camera

When it comes to the best helmet cameras, the ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera surely has to be featured amongst them due to its popularity as well as its capabilities to be used in all weather conditions.

Rating: 4.0

ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera Pros & Cons


  • Setup – A really simple setup makes it easy for just about anyone to operate.
  • High Resolution
  • Solid and strong construction
  • Easy Handling


  • The mounting hardware is made of plastic – it’s strong, but a few people prefer metals.
  • The Icons on its LCD are comparatively small and hence could be hard to use
  • No Tripod mount screw holder.

Did you know...?

ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera

Did you know that helmet cameras are capable of handling the thrills and spills of extreme biking?

The ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera featured here is a great example. The camera has been reinforced to protect it in the event of a fall so that you can record your bicycling stunts or downhill riding exploits with peace of mind. Now, everyone can see what a daredevil you are!

Video Quality

This is one of the best helmet cameras when it comes to video quality for simple needs such as dirt track racing or simply just cycling on roads. The camera has the capability of capturing videos at the rate of 30fps (Frames per second) and this is perfect for most cases. The resolution of the camera is 640 X 480 VGA and it would be ideal in your case.

Final verdict: High video quality (not HD) (3.5/5)


Audio Quality

Most helmet cameras don't need amazing audio quality and that's the reason the company hasn't focused on this aspect. However, if you're looking for exceptional audio quality, this camera wouldn't be the best option. Instead, you should take a look at some other helmet cameras.

Final verdict: Audio Quality could be improved (2/5)



This video camera is easy to handle and just about anyone could use it with ease. Some of the reasons that make it one of the best when it comes to handling include:

  • Easy on/off control - To begin recording, all you need to do is press the left button for around two seconds and then hit the middle button. To stop recording, you would have to hit the middle button again. If at all you want to switch off the cam, just hold the left button again.
  • Switch between modes - The right button is used to help you switch between modes. This feature is easy to use, and you would be able to pick the perfect shooting mode based on the external conditions. But you would become perfect in this aspect only through experience - just like any other professional camera.
  • Easy modifications - If at all you want to change the screen resolution or maybe the frame rate, you would be able to do so using the built-in display and the options present. You could even go ahead and modify the date and time settings with a few clicks.

Final Verdict: Easy to handle (5/5)



The ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera is not just for helmets. With this camera, you've got multiple mounting options. You can also mount it to the bicycle handlebar. This option is unique and not included in many other cameras. And even if they do, they're not that easily mounted on handlebars due to their size.

Final verdict: Quite easy to mount (4/5)



Since the camera contains both RCA as well as USB cables, you would be able to transfer the video onto your computer easily and share it with your friends or if you wish to; just plug it into your TV and take a look at what you've filmed.

Final verdict: Easy playback on your computer or even TV (3/5)


Battery Life

Well, this isn't exactly a feature because the camera doesn't consist of rechargeable batteries. Instead, you would need to use two AA sized batteries. If at all you're planning on using this camera for long durations it would be advisable to buy 4 rechargeable AA sized batteries as the batteries aren't included in the pack.

Final verdict: Avarage battery life (3/5)


Use in Extreme Conditions

The camera surely lives up to its name as an action cam. It's one of the best helmet cameras for all kinds of sports, especially cycling because it's resistant to falls and accidents, which are common factors when it comes to cycling. Also, this video camera is waterproof and can withstand rain without the need for any extra casing, as in the case of most of the other helmet cameras. Dirt and snow are also common terrains for cyclists, but these don't harm the camera as they have an amazing casing that protects the vital components of the device.

Final verdict: Perfect for extreme conditions (4/5)


Final Verdict

Well, the ATC2K helmet-mounted camera may not be perfect, but it surely is one of the best helmet cameras available. Since we're going to be using it for cycling purposes, there's not going to be a need for exceptional audio quality. Instead, you would need the video quality to be superb, and the mounting and handling should be easy - the ATC2K helmet camera lives up to these expectations

So, is the ATC2K helmet-mounted camera the best helmet camera? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Video Quality 3.5
Audio Quality 2.0
Handling 5.0
Mounting 4.0
Playback 3.0
Battery Life 3.0
Use in Extreme Conditions 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera?

The best place to buy the ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera, as well as many other cycling helmet cameras is eBay. This reliable, #1 online marketplace usually has USED as well as NEW products in stock.

ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera

Other recommended e-stores where you can buy the ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera, as well as some other quality bicycle cameras are:

ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera
ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera
ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera

Books About Helmet Cameras and Related Subjects

For more information on bicycle helmet cameras and about sports filming, you are invited to take a look at these selected books:

ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera
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ATC2K Helmet Mounted Camera

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