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Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves
Men’s cycling gloves
Women’s cycling gloves

These are some of the best cycling gloves, made by Pearl Izumi. They are amazing when it comes to cycling in warmer climates as they’ve got excellent ventilating capabilities and at the same time, the comfortable padding makes it fun to ride your bike over long distances. So, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves:

Rating: 4.5

Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves Pros & Cons


  • Absorbs sweat and allows for good ventilation
  • Amazing Grip for superb control of the bike
  • Towel-like fabric (terry cloth) on the glove could be used to wipe off sweat from your face too.


  • It's somewhat tight near the thumb for a few people when it comes to long-distance rides.
  • Comfortable just for short rides around 10 - 15 miles or so.
  • It would be unbeatable if it had just a little more padding.


These are the best cycling gloves when it comes to half-finger summer gloves, as they possess the amazing comfort bridge gel vent technology, for superior comfort. Moreover, as they're summer cycling gloves, they've ensured that the ventilation system is top-notch too.

With its gel padding, the pressure is distributed evenly, and hence your nerves aren't damaged. The vented mesh also provides you with UPF 40+ sun protection.


Using These Gloves

These gloves are a perfect fit as long as you pick the right size when ordering. But, just like most of the best cycling gloves out there, the Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves have a bit of Velcro that you could use to fasten the glove onto your wrist.

Also, there's a soft wiping portion near the thumb that you could use to wipe off sweat on your forehead while cycling.



These gloves are designed for maximum comfort during hot summer days, and hence they also offer UV protection. However, you would also be able to wear them during cold mornings but not the chilly winter mornings.


Size Range

Size isn't an issue with these gloves, and you'd find small, medium, and large gloves for women, whereas, for men, you would even find X-Large and XX-Large gloves. The size of the glove would be important in this case as if it's big, and you wouldn't be able to control your bike well.



When it comes to protection, these gloves are great as the padding and netted fibers are robust and don't succumb to stress that easily. Also, as already mentioned, these gloves offer UV protection. So, overall they're the best cycling gloves when you consider protection during a warm summer day.



You're free to wash them just like your other fabrics, but just like all the other gloves that you use, it would be advisable to use the mildest of detergents and not add any kind of additives when washing these gloves.


Value for Money

These gloves are cheap when you consider the features and high level of comfort and protection that they offer you. So, if you're looking for the best cycling gloves for summer use, these would surely be a good buy.


Final Verdict

These gloves are only meant for summer use, so if you're a person who cycles early in the mornings, these gloves aren't going to help you out. However, for people in warmer climates, these gloves are amazing as you're going to be using your fingers for grip, and the gloves only offer you padding and support to evenly distribute pressure.

So, are these Pearl Izumi gloves the best cycling gloves? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Comfort 3.0
Using These Gloves 4.0
Weather 5.0
Size Range 5.0
Protection 5.0
Maintenance 4.0
Value for Money 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves?

The best place to buy the Pearl Izumi cycling gloves, as well as many other cycling gloves is eBay.

Another recommended e-store where you can buy Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves, as well as many other cycling clothes are:

Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves

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