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Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves
Men’s cycling gloves
Women’s cycling gloves

One of the best cycling gloves that you’d come across when it comes to superior ventilation and comfort are these Pearl Izumi gloves. The Pearl Izumi Select cycling glove padding and cycling base relieve pressure and prevent stressing of your nerves and muscles. So, let’s take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of this amazing piece:

Rating: 4.0

Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves Pros & Cons


  • Light weight
  • Great padding for increased comfort
  • Great fit and ventilation is perfect


  • Not a lot of Gel, but the padding makes up for it.
  • The fabric on the inside of the glove is kind of itchy on first use.
  • Limited Velcro


The main reason why these gloves are listed among the best cycling gloves is due to the mesh lining on the palm that helps induce a skin-cooling effect. As you can see, these are synthetic gloves meant for use during the summer as they don't offer any kind of winter protection.

The glove is designed to offer you maximum comfort and ventilation, and at the same time, it's manufactured using the finest materials to ensure durability.


Using These Gloves

These gloves are a perfect fit, but to allow them to be even tight, they have an additional Velcro layer. The area covered by the Velcro is minimal, which is a negative feature of these gloves because you can't make the gloves tight.

However, the grip is not an issue here as your fingers would be loose and free to grip the handle and brake on their own. So, when you consider the widespread use of the gloves, you would only have the Velcro to worry about.



These gloves are open at the end and are meant for summer riding. They're designed to offer amazing ventilation, and hence there's no collection of sweat on your palms. Moreover, the cooling effect keeps your palms dry, and you could go on riding for hours on end.


Size Range

You have plenty of color options, and the women's gloves are available in three sizes, i.e., Small, medium, and large. However, men's gloves have a wider range of choices when it comes to colors, and you'd even find X-Large and XX-Large gloves for men.

The gloves are a perfect fit and are flexible to modify themselves to the shape and size of your palm.



These may be some of the best cycling gloves available, however, when it comes to protection, they've got nothing to boast about. Since they don't protect your fingers, there's a chance that your fingers could get bruised with a fall. But, your palm would remain well protected.

Moreover, the gloves would be able to survive a harsh fall on common ground, but if you scrape it against a concrete pavement, there are chances that the material would give way.



These gloves are machine washable as long as you use just the usual detergents and no additives such as fabric softeners in your washing machine.


Value for Money

These surely have a great chance of being labeled the best cycling gloves as they offer you everything that you need when it comes to cycling in the summer. When you consider the level of comfort and the cooling effect, they induce the price is validated.


Final Verdict

Therefore, these are some of the best cycling gloves for summer use as well as chilly mornings as long as the temperatures aren't low. If you're just looking for total comfort and control of your bike and protection of your palms, these gloves would be suitable.

So, are these Pearl Izumi gloves the best cycling gloves? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Comfort 4.0
Using These Gloves 3.0
Weather 5.0
Size Range 5.0
Protection 3.0
Maintenance 4.0
Value for Money 5.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves?

The best place to buy the Pearl Izumi Select cycling gloves, as well as many other cycling gloves is eBay.

Another recommended e-store where you can buy Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves, as well as many other cycling clothes are:

Pearl Izumi Select cycling Glove
Pearl Izumi Select cycling Glove
Pearl Izumi Select Cycling Gloves

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