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Thermal Cycling Gloves
Thermal Cycling Gloves
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These Pearl Izumi thermal cycling gloves are the best cycling gloves not just for ordinary use, but also for cyclers who take part in competitions as they offer not just warmth and comfort, but amazing grip as well! There are plenty of amazing features that the Pearl Izumi Thermal cycling glove possesses, so let’s take a look at them:

Rating: 4.0

Pearl Izumi Thermal Cycling Gloves Pros & Cons


  • Light weight and they block out the wind with ease
  • Superior ventilation
  • Amazing Grip on the handle and brakes


  • Would be great if the gloves had Velcro
  • Somewhat thin and hence doesn't provide a lot of warmth


The thermal cycling gloves are best only in mild conditions and do not offer you enough protection in extreme cold. The gloves are light, and after a few minutes, you wouldn't even feel them on your hands.

More importantly, they've got special padding, and hence comfort is ensured, and no matter how long the journey, your fingers wouldn't hurt as flexibility isn't an issue.


Using These Gloves

One of the biggest drawbacks of these gloves is the fact that they're missing Velcro and therefore you wouldn't be able to tighten the gloves around your wrist. Of course, they're tight, but we all know there's no way a glove can be a perfect match.

So, apart from the Velcro issue, these are surely some of the best cycling gloves for mild winters. However, Velcro may not be necessary in this case as the elastic on the gloves is fitting at the beginning, which then expands to fit your hands perfectly.



Only buy these cycling gloves if you're going to be cycling in chill conditions. Anything near freezing and they wouldn't be able to keep your fingers warm. So, these gloves won't be the best option if you're going to be riding in the snow.


Size Range

When it comes to size, there's a small problem with these gloves as they aren't over large in the case of women and XX-Large for men. But, when you buy, make sure that you pick your size as there are times when people just go along with the default, which is usually small.



These gloves offer decent protection to your hands, and they would be able to withstand a small fall. However, if your hands are dragged against a harsh surface for a long distance, there are chances that the fibers will give way.



You're allowed to wash these gloves in your washing machine, but as they say, "the lesser, the better." Therefore, if you want the gloves to last long, make sure that you only use mild detergents.


Value for Money

These gloves are cheap for the quality and protection offered. So, if you're a person who is looking to get their money's worth on every buy, these are some of the best cycling gloves that would fall into this category.


Final Verdict

These are some of the finest cycling gloves for everyday use in cold climatic conditions as well as moderate temperatures as they offer good ventilation. Since they're a perfect fit, all you need to do is slip them on and off; you won't even realize that you're wearing them after a few minutes of being on your bike.

So, are these Pearl Izumi gloves the best cycling gloves? - find out by yourself:

Category Score
Comfort 4.0
Using These Gloves 3.0
Weather 4.0
Size Range 3.0
Protection 4.0
Maintenance 4.0
Value for Money 5.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Pearl Izumi Thermal Cycling Gloves?

The best place to buy the Pearl Izumi Thermal cycling gloves, as well as many other cycling gloves is eBay.

Another recommended e-store where you can buy Pearl Izumi Thermal Cycling Gloves, as well as many other cycling clothes are:

Pearl Izumi Thermal Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi Thermal Cycling Gloves
Thermal Cycling Gloves

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