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Womens Cycling Jersey
Womens Cycling Jersey
Womens Cycling Jersey

Selected Womens Cycling Jerseys Online

With so many bright patterns and colors to choose from, women’s bicycling jersey tops are stylish and functional. Constructed with fabrics that are engineered with specific functions, brands these days take part, comfort, and style to a whole new level.

Men’s Vs. Women’s Biking Jerseys

Several features distinguish jerseys for the different genders. Women’s jerseys will have a noticeable flare in the hip area and be slimmer at the waist to accommodate and compliment their figure. Women generally have shorter torso, so the jerseys designed for them will be shorter than those men wear. You will also notice that women’s jerseys are a bit more elastic to factor in their curves.

Womens Cycling Jerseys Buying Guide

If you are planning to purchase a women’s bicycling jersey, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration, such as the following:


Women’s cycling jerseys cut greatly from men’s as it is typically designed to come in at the waist area before they slightly flare at the hips to allow a more natural and flattering fit. This is highly contrasted to men’s cut, which is slightly tapered at the waist.

Like men’s, the manufacturers of women’s biking jerseys offer multiple fits to complement different types of riding requirements. This means you also need to take into account how you ride in selecting the right top. Among the options include Casual, Pro, Relaxed, Urban, Race, and Club.

Pro fit offers a contoured fit to allow women to ride at any speed without the need to worry about flapping fabrics to slow them down. Its sleeves may also have an elastic band at the hem area to keep it in place. Also, the back of the jerseys is designed to be longer than the front to ensure good coverage, especially when in an aggressive aero-riding position. On the other hand, the Relaxed fit offers more room, ideal for women who prefer a skin-hugging fit. The Casual fit is very similar to a regular women’s tee and usually does not come with an elastic band on the sleeves and hem. This one is specifically designed for an upright riding position.


All women’s cycling jerseys are constructed with fabrics that offer moisture-wicking capabilities, thereby ensuring maximum comfort, especially during warm days. A lot of tips also incorporate different materials designed in different places to enhance cooling speed, such as mesh sides. Several women’s bicycle jersey fabrics are treated with xylitol, which is known to increase cooling sensation. Different designs offer compression technology to provide greater muscle support, which is typically built as strategic panels.


The sleeves of women’s bicycling jerseys are also of important consideration. It is generally best to choose raglan-style sleeves as they can provide a nicer fit while in motion. This fit is shaped like a triangle that starts on the neck area and wraps around the upper arm and shoulder.


Except for women’s cycling jerseys in casual fit, the majority of the jerseys today feature elastic bands at the waist to make sure than fabric stays in place and prevents the wind from blowing from beneath. Another alternative is the addition of a gripper, which can be adjusted to ensure the jerseys will not slide off from the hip area every time you change position.


Women’s biking jerseys feature zippers that offer a convenient way for you to put them on and off as well as maximum ventilation. In general, longer zippers will allow you better ventilation, which is ideal when cycling under warm weather conditions and when riding in rough or hilly terrains. Also, a full zip is very convenient, especially if you are wearing bib shorts since the design will not require you to remove your helmet just to take off your jersey. There are women’s bicycling jersey designs that come with ‘invisible’ zippers that are strategically sewn into the fabric to hide it when it’s pulled up.


The Majority of the race-style women’s cycling jersey designs come with three pockets that are positioned across the back, just like the traditional men’s jerseys. However, given the fact that women have smaller backs as well as narrower waists, several manufacturers only offer two pockets for a better fit. When choosing, take into account the essentials that you need to carry when cycling and how much storage space you require.

Other Important Considerations

Below are some features that you may want to look for when looking for a women’s bicycling jersey:

Tip: Pick jerseys with a high foldable collar.

When we're cycling in bright sunlight, our necks are often one of the first places to get sunburnt. If you don't want uncomfortable sunburn, make sure your jersey has a high stand-up collar.

This sort of collar also comes in handy for protecting your neck in cold and windy conditions and may just eliminate the need for a scarf.

  • Pockets specifically designed for MP3 players with convenient cord management.
  • Reflective accents to enhance visibility and ensure road safety
  • Sleeveless women's cycling jerseys are available for summer use
  • Built-in bras may also be considered for small and medium cup sizes
  • There are fabrics that come with sun-blocking or UV ray protection

Top 5 Women's Cycling Jerseys

When planning to purchase women's bicycling jerseys, you may want to know which brands and designs are more popular. The top 5 are listed below:

Pearl Izumi Women's Select Jersey

Womens Cycling Jerseys

Featuring synthetic Select transfer fabric, this jersey is designed to set a benchmark for maximum moisture transfer.

It also comes with a 12-inch zipper for maximum ventilation along with 2 back pockets for convenient storage. The design also incorporates reflective elements ideal for riding under low-light visibility conditions.

Canari Cyclewear Women's Cycling Jersey

Womens Cycling Jerseys

Specifically designed for biking, this women's jersey is built with a dry core wicking fabric complete with a 70-inch neck zipper, triple back pockets, and flat seam stitching. To ensure comfort when riding, it also features a relaxed fit waist hem and a 50 UPF rating.

BDI Women's Classic Cycling Jersey

Womens Cycling Jerseys

Made with polyester mesh fabric, this women's jersey is specifically designed to dissipate sweat to deliver enhanced quick-drying performance. An airy mesh weave and an 18-inch front zipper are also incorporated for exceptional breathability. For full coverage, it is designed with a drop-tail hem, elastic cuffs, and hem to keep the jersey in place in whatever type of riding position. For storage, it comes with 3 back pockets, ideal for accessories and food.

Primal Wear Women's Maori Jersey

Womens Cycling Jerseys

Designed with sublimation graphics, this one is constructed using 100% Speedpro fabric, which is double-knit performance polyester that is capable of wicking away sweat from the body. This jersey features a sport-cut raglan sleeve for enhanced comfort under any riding conditions.

Gore Women's Power 2.0 Jersey

Womens Cycling Jerseys

Designed using nylon, this women's jersey comes with 3 compartment patch pockets positioned on the back. It also features flat lock seams as well as a short concealed zipper on the front to deliver both fashion and function. For optimum ventilation, the jersey is designed with a mesh insert in the back along with a zip-under flap.

Where to Buy Women's Cycling Jerseys?

If you are interested in buying women's cycling jerseys you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Womens Cycling Jerseys
Womens Cycling Jerseys

Selected Women's Cycling Jerseys on eBay.com

Women's Rapha+ Palace EF Education TIBCO SVB Pro Team Aero Jersey Hi-Vis Pink (New with tags - 363.97 USD)Women's Rapha+ Palace EF Education TIBCO SVB Pro Team Aero Jersey Hi-Vis Pink
(New with tags - 363.97 USD)
RARE! Voler Women’s Cycling Jersey - Sz Medium - S/S - EBAY EBAY.COM Branding (Pre-owned - 359.98 USD)RARE! Voler Women’s Cycling Jersey - Sz Medium - S/S - EBAY EBAY.COM Branding
(Pre-owned - 359.98 USD)
Rapha Palace Aero Jersey EF Education 2022 First Pro Team Women XS(SS) Pink NEW (New with tags - 339.46 USD)Rapha Palace Aero Jersey EF Education 2022 First Pro Team Women XS(SS) Pink NEW
(New with tags - 339.46 USD)
Alé Cycling PRS Jersey + Bibshort Kit - Women's XS-3XL (New without tags - 320 USD)Alé Cycling PRS Jersey + Bibshort Kit - Women's XS-3XL
(New without tags - 320 USD)

Tip: Consider a custom jersey

Womens Cycling Jersey

If you can’t find a jersey on e-stores like AliExpress.com, eBay or JensonUSA.com that tickles your fancy needs, you can always order for a custom women's cycling jersey made to your exact specifications. There are online shops where you can give your size specifications, choose from different fabrics, and even create the design you want from scratch.

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